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. this is the framework that we have used to identify how well we're doing with respect to the goal areas of the commission. we have perform measures that we look at, change between day and 2040 and measures for each goal area. for any of these we can also look at them through an equity lens. are there particular parts of our city, particular neighborhoods, that experience some of transportation issues disproportionately. we know we want to aspire to be a transit first city but we're not there yet in the sense this is a picture of all trips that touch san francisco, to, from and within today and more than half of the trips are network today are made by car, and we don't expect that pattern to change much in the future if we don't make any additional interventions in the system, so this is projected growth in trip making between now and 2040 and we are expecting a lot of growth in all modes, but without new interventions in the system we don't expect an overall trend to change. this map shows projected growth in transit trip making between now and 2040, percent growth. cal train is e
. i don't think you're -- i mean we have a gay community center and you're not using it for outreach to get to the people to tell you how to spend the money to calm the traffic down. i mean we have better streets. we have smart streets. i mean you can lump it into different programs, different names, different acronyms, but people are seeing the traffic calm and pedestrian safety for everybody, and you know if you're going to be spending this money i think that it should be looked at at market and guerrero. we need to slow the traffic down there especially in the morning when drivers are trying to get downtown so thank you. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak from the public? seeing none public comment is closed. i did want to make a comment that i think dr. -- [inaudible] from the department of public health and others can quantify when you have successful traffic calming projects or slow down 5 miles per hour around schools or key areas it saves lives and i think it's really important and makes sense to shift to the arterials strategically but i hope
came over to puc, i brought it to the puc. and the whole issue was to really help us do small projects instead of doing plans and specs and going out and advertising, joc was the vehicle that you can actually perform that. and, so, we've been working, trying to include more local businesses. we went out with the -- we spearheaded the micro joc where it's a micro set aside for small businesses. and we've looked at bonding issues on joc. so, we've done a lot to really make joc, you know, palatable to a lot of small businesses. and what miguel mentioned, we are very proud about that. i think the issue, you know, as far as the audit is concerned is actually pointing out some things that we acknowledge and there are some thing we want to fix. there are some things we don't agree and we've said much that we don't agree, i think on one issue. but we i think -- we will take the responses of the contractors and also the gordon group and the ah auditor to make sure we address their issues. but i think overall it's a great program. it gives us the ability to do projects faster and save the rate p
as quickly as possible. so, please keep us informed on what's happening. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. any other questions on this item? other commission business, item number 6? there being none, now we go to the long awaited report of the general manager. >> well, first i would like to recognize a very close friend of mine, a person who calls me in the morning or late at night to give me heads up about what's going on in the community. [laughter] >> and she's -- i've been knowing her for a very long time and she's been very instrumental in my life. i would like to call up dr. espinola jackson up here. (applause) >> she recently had a birthday party at her second home, the southeast community center, and it was hundreds of people there, several hundred because people -- she had it from 3:00 to 8:00. i brought the whole family. we had an opportunity to take a photo op with her, and i will be selling that on ebay. [laughter] >> but it was amazing program. it was well attended. it gave me opportunity to connect with a lot of people i haven't seen in a long ti
specific positions on bills. as it will allow for us to carry out common positions that reflect either our own growth and objectives with protecting and increasing transportation revenue and allow us to work with other authorities across the state and ntc. and other partners. we have also conducted with the mayor's office on these principles and we are going to work forward to hopefully establish some of these to become real. over the last year, we have actually recognized some successes from the legislative program, and the subway has reached its full funding grant agreement and advocating for significant appropriations for high speed rail at the state level and map 21, the federal bill guide and appropriations have been authorized through 2014 and significant expansion of tifia, for large projects in particular. we also have seen a parody with the tax benefit for transit at $240 a month which will carry through for the end of 2013. this is parody with the parking pretext benefits. so with this in hand, we make recommendations for a 2013 program, which will begin on page 19 of your packet
for a short time, so having someone with tom nolan's experience and to be able to use him as a role model with his interaction with the city is important to us and we do continue to face a lot of challenges at the mta, we know there still is a lot of work to be done, but like tom, i'm incredibly impressed with the agency, i'm impressed with the employees, i have also been impressed with the support from the board of supervisors with the -- so, i'm here to hope that you voice tom's nomination on to the full board and thank you very much. >> are there any other public comments? seeing none, public comment is closed now. colleagues, -- well, i'll give my thoughts. i think i'm very happy that tom's willing to extend his commitment to this commission. i just met him recently and just talking to him, i realize how much knowledge he has of the situation in san francisco under the mta hospices and that his commitment towards those issues are second to none, so i'll be supporting your nomination. colleagues? >> i too will be supporting the nomination, it was a pleasure working with him on jpb. >>
for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see good morning, everyone, and welcome to the regular meeting of the transportation authority committee. to my left we have commissioner chiu, norman yee and chu. and i would like to thank you eric for being the clerk of the board and also like to thanks charles and jesse e for the sfgtv broadcasting of this meeting. are there any announcements? noe. no announcements. >> item number two, approvele minutes of the january 15th, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any changes to the minutes? >> okay. there is a motion to approve. is there a second? >> without object
and the ortearial track and the schools track. the mta is looking to rebalance the program and by and large used for the streets track and look at the other two tracks and not to eliminate it but shift more resources to the other two tracks where speeding and accidents are happening in the city. in october 2012 the mta did a presentation about the local streets track revision. this presentation is on the commercial and arterial and school track revision so all three pieces are coming together. we will come back next month with a revision to the program priorities and also hopefully an amendment to the fiscal 2013-2014 of this for prop k. we do a comprehensive update on this for traffic calming. you will see a much larger program that encompasses all the changes before you and the next action item is for the fiscal year 2013-2014 and to solidify the policy items for today. i believe that is it for me. >> thank you. >> good morning mr. chair and commissioners. thank you so much for having me today. i am marian [inaudible] and with the san francisco municipal transportation agency and it's
encourage safe riding, to promote bicycle use in general and i also am adjunct professor of environmental studies of the university of san francisco, so that's also, it's outside district 5, but also an important part of the growing bicycle culture through our neighborhood and inner city, you know, i'm excited about this opportunity, you know, i'm eager to help the board of supervisors achieve their state goal of creating 20% of trips by bicycle by 2020 as well as finally live up to that 40 year old declaration of transit first which i think we have some work to do here in the city, so i'm happy to answer any questions that you guys might have. >> are there any questions for mr. fitzgibbons? >> [inaudible]. so, i just wanted to say thank you for accepting the nomination. when i found out that i had the ability to appoint someone to this committee, you were the first person that i thought of because of your activity in the district and evenbacker everything that you do centers around the bicycle community, and so having someone who's so involved in not only riding a bicycle but also doing
other areas like the pedestrian area and within the traffic calming use the funding more specifically on speed reduction and work with the coalition to identify the details of the program, but the idea is we identify the potential locations -- >> [inaudible] >> yes. >> commissioner kim has a question. >> i didn't mean to interrupt you midsentence. if you want to finish the slide i have a question. i was excited we were able to slow down the speed at our school sites. unfortunately the schools in district six we're not able to get that type of speed limit reduction because of the areas they're in. bessy carmichael and the tenderloin is another. i know they were able to slow it in the alleys but because we're on arteal yar corridors and i am wondering what we can do to improve it in those areas. >> we are using physical measures addition to the 15 miles per hour a sign. it's a policy and opportunity for enforcement but these are physical measures for a motorists to think i would be more comfortable driving more slowly, and within the school funding we can look at those locations a
and as you know, the attorney has indicated to us via memo that there are certain very special requirements for the seat number 3 that ms. currin is interested in and there is a reappointment. the seat number 3 must be employed in the senior management position at management of san francisco general hospital and the reason why we have a resident requirement waiver is because you live outside of the city so i wanted to go on record to make sure that we as a city has done our due diligence and i don't know if there's anyone other than yourself from the city that can speak to this, it looks like there's not, but so this is a reappointment, i'm going to make the assumption that those persons performing on this body have vetted to you. i personally like you and enjoy continuing to work with you as we continue to do our work over at general hospital, but there is an underlying assumption that there are no other persons that meet the specific qualifications to satisfy this seat that live inside san francisco. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> perfect. i'm glad i got that out of the way. i wou
to be able to better manage their health condition using exercise programs that have been proven to be effective and there's another program called healthier living which is stanford -- developed by stanford and a six week program, these are the programs that i oversee and work with the staff as well as providers in the community to offer these programs and we are -- and i'm really pleased and happy to be reconsidered and nominated to serve on the food security task force. as you may know, there's still a lot of unmet needs with the city with regard to providing meals to low-income seniors as well as adults with disabilities and being on the task force offers me opportunities to network with other groups, whether they are city government departments or non-profit organizations to be able to do our job a little bit better and think of ways that we can be more innovative and at the same time offer services more cost effectively. >> thank you, any questions of ms. lau? seeing none, thank you. and you're a resident of san francisco? >> yes. >> thank you. next, maria leclair. >> good
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)